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Non-Fighter Testimonials


I’ve been training at 1stlegion for a couple of years now. Fitness being such a huge part of my families life I decided to do Muay Thai to keep fit and learn a new art .The coaches hear are amazing and we truly are a family. Jamie and his team are always there to support and offer advise. The commitment of the team and members is amazing and each training session is different. All 3 of my children train hear too one of them which has fought for the gym. I have made some amazing friends and can honestly say that they are like a family unit. In my eyes the best place to train 🥊

Fighter Testimonials

Training: BJJ, Muay Thai, MMA
Achievements: NAGA UK 2015 BJJ Gold Medal, Blackpool international BJJ Open, Silver Medal.

I have always used gyms to stay fit and strong but have always liked the thought of training martial arts/mma. In November 2014 I decided to take the plunge and 1st legion was my gym of choice!

I have never looked back.

Training in BJJ, Muay Thai and MMA I became fitter and stronger, both mentally and physically -  when I started I was a beefy 16 and half stone! I'm now 2 stone lighter and as strong as ever and it's all through training with the 1st Legion team. My coach Jamie, has changed my whole mindset about training and along with my fellow members help, I'm improving every week.

In my 9 months training I have taken 2 medals from 3 competitions and now have a set date for my MMA debut! None of this would be possible without my 1st legion family and I know I will keep getting better and reaching my goals with them by my side! Not just in the gym but out of gym hours, these guys will give great advice and motivation!

Come and join us and change your life!

Name: Veejay
Training: Mainly BJJ
Achievements: Lost 6.5 Stone. Began competing at a respectable level.

I mainly training BJJ here This place changed my life literally 16st - 9.5st and competing at a relatively high level. Thing I liked most about 1st Legion apart from the awesome, chilled, egoless people that train and teach there, is the freedom to experiment and discuss techniques, they encourage questions and have a laugh doing it.

Growing up I dabbled in many different martial arts but many of them were very much "this is how its done, and thats the only way full stop" At "1stLegion" you are shown the proper ways to do things, huge emphasis on the basics and fundamentals but then you are shown the tricks and sneaky stuff you can incorporate to improve your game take it to the next level.

Name: Brian
Training: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (gi & no gi) Muay Thai & MMA
Achievements: Lost 5 Stone. Found a new family.

I joined the gym as a way to loose weight - weight I struggled to shift with just regular cardiovascular exercise & diet foods. I never had any intention of going any further than that because of the negative stereotypes of “fighters being meatheads” & I never wanted to get hit.

I was encouraged to visit by a friend & when I went for the 1st time I was nervous as anything BUT the warm welcome that the coach & team gave me quickly put my fears to rest. The friendly atmosphere was what I was always looking for & the fact all the team were approachable made that 1st training session so much more fun.

18 months of training later I managed to loose 5 stones of excess weight & 10 inches off my waistline. It’s given me a new form of confidence in life & the hunger to always push myself more & not to be afraid to be taken out of my comfort zone. The bond between coaches & members go way beyond that of the traditional gym environment, you become FAMILY.

We all train as one spurring each other one because the heart & spirit of 1st legion is stronger than anything that stands in the way be it personal fitness goals or fighting.